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Dwight Rich's '68 GTX

New 1/4's, winshield, interior, paint, bumpers, radiator, vinly top and all the front end parts. Bought a new home and need to sell. $12,500.00 or best offer if sold before the end of June. It is his 2nd hot rod besides his 73 Challenger (pic's to come later). It has been restored to 90% original including all the new stuff listed. Dwight is lookin for the 440 emblems that go in the hood. It rides and drive's like it's brand new! It has won at every event it has been entered in including receiving an award at Carl Caspers in Louisville and Dwight has even run it through the 1/8th mile at Lake Cumberland Dragway 3 different times (spinning the tires from tree to line all the way on the last pass...always remeber to heat those tires!). Dwight is the track announcer at the drag strip on Saturdays and was just checking out the light's! ;-)

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