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The 2nd Annual Labor Day 'Run'dezvous Car Show
September 4, 2000.

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The Kruzer's cars and trucks on display at the 'Run'dezvous. Another view of the Kruzer's rides. A third view of the Kruzer's rides. The early birds got the shady spots. Making some shade. Most folks had some cleaning to do before judging since the area was plagued by rain showers.  Luckily, the Adair Co. Fairgrounds stayed dry all day. This gorgeous Cuda took home Best Mopar Two Kruzers, Chad and Dale, strolling through the grove. All lined up and ready for judging Lots of nice older rods made it to the 'Run'dezvous The grove filled up fast! OutKast Minis and Another Level car clubs showed up in force to give the 'Run'dezvous a nice mixed of old and new. A cool dude riding in style! Not only were there lots of show cars, lots of spectators walked through the lines of cars, admiring the craftsmanship There's something about an eye-popping yellow coupe that grabs your attention. You don't often see such an original Chevelle. Automotive design has progress quite a ways, hasn't it! Who said model-A Fords only came in black? '57 Bel-Air with 502 cubic inches of get up and go. Three Kruzers taking a breather during judging. It happened by accident, but these two Mopars were perfectly place next to one another. Not too sunny, not to cloudy.  Just right for a car show. Old with a touch of new The red paint on this coupe really stood out in the seas of grass and trees. It takes a special vehicle to pull off yellow.  This pickup does it superbly. This Model-A took home the Best Unfinished award, which included a nice plaque and $50 cash. The classis shoebox--'55 Chevrolet. Ready for an elegant picnic in the country afer a relaxing drive in the beautiful coupe. When was the last time you saw a '55 Chevy convertible? Is this how Ford vs. Chevy got started? You've just got to love the old two-tone paint schemes of the 50's. This old Impala was built in retro style.  Cut-outs, baby moons, 3-dueces on a 348...too cool. Don't those old 'W' motors just look tough?  Especially this 348 topped iwth 3 2bb. carbs. When the crowd got hungry, the Kruzers were there to feed them.  Thanks to the club members and especially the wives! Registration--we couldn't have pulled off the show without our wives and girlfriends.  Thanks! Just a portion of the cars at the 'Run'dezvous. Another 'high elevation' shot of the show cars. Thankfully those plastic gloves didn't catch on fire! Someone better tell Bill that there's some sort of varmit under his cap! Anybody need a good reliable '85 Sunbird?  Cold A/C and priced to sell! E-mail me at for more info. Chips, burgers, hot dogs, drinks, what more could you need? This beauty took home the Best Engine award and $50 cash. Hungry Kruzers looking for a handout. There was definitely no shortage of Chevelles!  Good thing they are such cool cars. This Lincoln took home the Best Ford Award and $50 cash. You don't see too many AMX's anymore.  We were lucky enough to have this one at the 'Run'dezvous. This Buick appeared to be unrestored, which is remarkable for its fine condition. Novas are hot these days.  Great looks, low weight and reasonable prices make them a popular choice. '67-'72 Chevy trucks are also scalding hot right now.  One look at their clean lines, as shown in the grille of this beauty, makes it easy to see why. '30s era hot rods continue to be big attention getters, especially when they are this nice. Wagons are gaining popularity across the country. This '55 Chevy wagon certainly demonstrates how lovely they can be. Lots of shade, tons of great cars and trucks, good food, nice people, and reasonable temperatures made the 2nd annual Labor Day 'Run'dezvous a big success.  Come join us next year. This unfinished Chevelle is going to be a gem when everything is done. She purrs like a kitten 'til the lake pipes roar The owner of this sweet award winning '67 Camaro also took home a top 25 '90-'00 plaque with his tow rig!  How's that for attention to detail :-)  The 2000 Monte in this pic was also an extremely clean ride. Talk about an eye-catcher!  This '34 took home the Best Interior award and $50 cash. In this shot, things were starting to clear out after the awards.  But I had to get one last shot of this black '57 Chevy. My wife must have taken the first shot of this '55.  That's OK, its worth a second look. This imaculate '54 Ford pickup took home Best of Show, a crystal cup and $100 cash. You have to see this truck to believe the level of detail.  And what is most unbelievable is that Bud drives this thing everywhere it goes! Check out the interior in this Mercury.  Simply stunning. The wide white walls and baby moons just go perfect with the rest of this Mercury's appearance.  A work of art. Here again is your Best Ford winner.  Believe me, it was not easy to pic from all the fine choices. Here's a good view of the Best Paint award winner.  Check out the reflections :-) This Toyota Tacoma took home Best Mini Truck or Car and $50 cash. This is your Best Engine winner.  Is that firewall gorgeous or what! A fine example of an orignal Model-A. Another shot of the Best Unfinished award winner. Best Interior This Galaxie was pristine, and that doesn't do it justice. See any dirt?  I didn't!  This was in a gorgeous red Bonneville. This is the engine compartment of our Best of Show winner.  Just awesome in every way. Another shot of the Best of Show winner without our President Dwight Rich degrading the view ;-) The Chevy took home Best Truck and $50 cash.