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The 2nd Annual Labor Day 'Run'dezvous Car Show
September 4, 2000.

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The Kruzer's cars and trucks on display at the 'Run'dezvous. Another view of the Kruzer's rides. A third view of the Kruzer's rides. The early birds got the shady spots. Making some shade. Most folks had some cleaning to do before judging since the area was plagued by rain showers.  Luckily, the Adair Co. Fairgrounds stayed dry all day. This gorgeous Cuda took home Best Mopar Two Kruzers, Chad and Dale, strolling through the grove. All lined up and ready for judging Lots of nice older rods made it to the 'Run'dezvous The grove filled up fast! OutKast Minis and Another Level car clubs showed up in force to give the 'Run'dezvous a nice mixed of old and new. A cool dude riding in style! Not only were there lots of show cars, lots of spectators walked through the lines of cars, admiring the craftsmanship There's something about an eye-popping yellow coupe that grabs your attention. You don't often see such an original Chevelle. Automotive design has progress quite a ways, hasn't it! Who said model-A Fords only came in black?
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